Indiana Teen and Tween Models

We got to photograph three amazing Indiana teen and tween models today.  We are still looking for more models to get ready to launch our new line of Teen and Tween Photography.  Just look how beautiful these girls are!  The three sisters knocked it out of the park today with their great looks.  I don’t have a lot to say on the blog at the moment other than watch for some really cool stuff coming soon! 🙂

We offer a great little photo app that parents and teens can save on their phones.  It’s a great way to show off your images and share them with friends and relatives.   Here is a little preview of a small app from todays session of the three sisters.  I’m pretty sure any mom would love to have an app like this with great photos of their kids.

The app is hosted on our website and can be saved on your home screen of your phone as well as be viewed on a computer.

The photo app is just a little bonus item that can really make access to your portraits easy and convenient to share.  You will love having this feature available to you from our studio.  We are always thinking ahead and using technology to our advantage.

Please once again feel free to share the information that we are looking for Teen and Tween models right now.  There is no session fee and no obligation to buy.  Of course we hope you would order a few and we will give you a pretty good discount as well, but it’s not required.  We are looking for models of all shapes, sizes and personalities that are teens or tweens.

 Indiana Tween Portraits and Teen Photos


I have a friend that does family pictures in Ohio.  Check her website out if you are looking for services in Ohio

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