Indiana Teen Racer Portrait

No shocker that this is our second race driver that we have had in for portraits in one week.  Lot of Indiana teens are drivers but this is our second girl racer in less than a week!   It’s great to see the girls representing in the sport that I love so much!  I like the intimidating look to her in her race suit.


Now I want to go out and photograph them with their cart and cars.  🙂  We are really starting to specialize in teen and tween portraits now here at the studio.  I love to be able to tell the story of their current lives through portraiture.  We are preserving these memories for a lifetime and a time where life seems to be in “fast forward” for these kids.  As a parent of former teens I can tell you that it this point in there lives they really change fast on so many levels.   Getting them in for a professional portrait session at this age is even more important than ever to help preserve the memories before they become young adults.


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